Stone Mortar And Pestle

There are many different materials of mortar and pestle, like bamboo, wood, metal etc. We supply customers with natural stone mortars and pestles for kitchen. Comparing to other materials, the natural stone mortars and pestles are more durable, eco-friendly. Eastwood produce marble and granite mortar and pestle. A durable mortar and pestle is an important tool for crushing herbs and spices. Each of our stone mortar and pestle is hand-carved in 100% natural stone. Each stone mortar and pestle is with exclusive natural veins and it will add elegant nutrition to your kitchen. Besides natural and nice looking, the interior of mortars and bottom of pestles is rough and easier for crushing foods and keep them true aromatic flavors. 
Grinding herbs, spices and nuts with our stone mortar and pestle will make your kitchen job more effective, natural and adding natural beauty to your kitchen.
Infuse fresh ground flavors of basil, sage, tarragon, garlic, pepper and much more. The highest quality mortar and pestle you will ever find. What sets it apart from others is the generous capacity, the beautiful appearance, and you can whack it as hard as you can without fear of chip or crack. You'll know when you pick it up that it will last a lifetime--they're very heavy and solid (see detailed measurements below). The mortar is carved by hammer & chisel from a single block of granite.
Nobody offers the same premium dense (super hard) granite, we are absolutely certain of that. Others sell weaker imitation rock so beware.